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About Us

An intimate, serene, and healing environment on the cutting edge

Oasis Spa is a welcoming and intimate space where relaxing and rejuvenation take center stage. Hidden in the folds of woods, it begins with serving you an earthy smell of composting leaves and crackling branches, accompanied with new shadows and dark patches created by fading light through tree hollows. While you're stepping into spa, wind whistling around trunks fades out, tranquil music takes place. We have built an extraordinarily comfortable, soothing, and inviting place, featured with softly colored walls, gentle lighting, delicate scent, and gracious welcome from owner and our staff, all set for our guests' approach to their wellness.



A professional group with over 10 years' combined experience

Having dedicated to health enhancing massage therapy for more than ten years, the owner of spa, Zhao, moved forward to organize a well trained team aiming to serve and benefit more people. Our staff offer skilled, loving, and effective therapeutic massage. We strive to provide our clients with reinforced healing, long lasting relief from pain and a deep state of relaxation during each session. Each service we provide is customized to clients' specific needs. We devote our heart and soul to every treatment.